Are You Afraid Of The Dark 1989 series

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Are You Afraid Of The Dark 1989 series: So how to start? Ok well it’s similar to scary stories to tell in the dark in the way of each episode not connecting to each other…the whole premise of this show is that this group of kids who are called the midnight society go out in the middle of the woods at night to tell scary stories. Each episode involves 1 person telling a story, and before each person says their story they always take a bag of dust and take a handful of dust out and say “submitted for approval of the midnight society,” They always say those words before telling their story….so in this show there stories of vampire’s 🧛‍♂️ or aliens and or ghosts and well other things of course….none of these stories have cannibalism or deal with death or stuff like that…none of that since its a kids show but this show can be eerie….let me give u an example of an episode…there one episode called the tale of the midnight madness…ands about this theater that’s running out of business because not alot of people are coming to watch movies…and our 2 main protagonist…a male and female…don’t want to see the place close because they like working there… one night this guy named Dr Vink comes over and brings them a DVD of his he created….on a side note Dr Vink shows up in this series a handful of times and there the running gag of no one able to pronounce his name correctly…I mean here’s the example….Vinks the name, Dr Vink….Dr Fink?…..Vink….with a V-V-V………its a bizarre running joke….but still…back to the story…he brings over a film called Nosfuratu…..anyone who doesn’t know what that is….Nosfuratu is a knockoff count Dracula…that’s basically it….so this movie starts bringing people into the theaters and the movies theater starts becoming popular…and well by accident the manager goes back on his promise he made with Vink….(I forget the promise)…anyway so that night Nosfuratu comes out of the screen and starts terrorizing our main characters….and it ends with the male character jumping into the movie and  luring the vampire back into the film…I really love this episode im a fan of theaters and the whole vampire type stuff….I honestly give this series a 8/10 its worth a watch in my opinion 




Are You Afraid Of The Dark 2019 limited series: So where to start? This is only a three part episode Season…each 44 min and also this remake decided to have the episodes connect with each other…..and the acting was pretty eh….oh and the show decided to add a main villain named Mr top hat….yeah such an intimidating name….and the scares were just clowns 🤡  and scorpions ……….Mr top hats acting was the most eh…..but I did enjoy the first episode and somewhat  liked the second episode and hated the third episode…I give this remake a 6.9/10, also side note the actor who plays young Ben in the 2017 remake of IT was in this show…


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