Your Way!


Join the Friendship Circle on Sunday, November 1st for a virtual interactive Walk 4 Friendship

Each Walk 4 Friendship participant will be asked to fundraise $25.

Do the walk Your Way:

  • Explore your favorite neighborhood walking paths and routes recommended by FC on your own time and at your own speed.


  • Use a treadmill or elliptical for those looking to get in their walk at home.


  • Take a virtual walk from the comfort of your favorite electronic device.

The Walk will culminate in a virtual Celebration of Friendship and Community with all participants and sponsors

We are thrilled to be presenting Dorothy Pollon with the Shore-Whitehill Award, done in partnership with Jewish Residential Services (JRS), for being a Champion of Inclusion in our community and her years of dedication to The Friendship Circle.


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On Friday, March 13th, The Friendship Circle postponed all of our in-person programs and activities due to COVID-19 response efforts. In light of continuing response efforts, and for the immediate future, we will follow the guidelines for the State of Pennsylvania’s Department of Health.  We will continue to assess the situation and will be in touch with additional updates. In the meantime, we offer a variety of engaging ways to join us online and look forward to seeing you at our exciting virtual programs and activities.

Programming Update

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