A Christmas Carol – Movie Review

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A Christmas Carol: ok I don’t know where to start…except with the words Jesus christ!…this is a kid’s film….seriously Disney…..u consider this a kids film…what is this film even rated…PG?…yeah sure whatever u say movie…I mean this films dark…..in sorts….so if u don’t know the story….this is about a guy named  Ebeneezer scrooge…and he hates Christmas….so on Christmas eve he gets visited by his dead ghost friend Jacob Marley…and he warns him that he will be haunted by 3 ghosts that night…the ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present,  and the ghost of Christmas future….so anyways he gets visited by each ghost separately…and he is showing his past and well the present…then what his future will look like if he doesn’t shape up…so then next day on Christmas he is now a changed man…ok so now since we got the basic out of the way…let me tell u why I think this films disturbing….I mean first off this film literally starts with showing Marley’s dead body in a coffin….yeah because thats the way every kids film should start…BTW this is a Disney movie….rated PG…really?….also the animation style is kinds uncanny…its like they went for animation/motion capture…..or if thats not the right words…it looks like CGI/motion capture…..so anyways scrooge is played by Jim Carry….cool….so if u thought starting off with showing a dead body is the worst part of this film…hahah…oh no…we haven’t even started….ok so this scene im about to describe….try telling me this doesn’t sound like a scene for a horror movie….I dare u to try…so Scrooge goes home at night time and he gets his keys out to open his house door and he drops it and bends over and picks it up, and gets back up and sees a ghost face of Jacob Marley staring at him through his door…and of course he walks towards it and Jacob opens up his mouth in a screaming position which scares scrooge and he falls over….oh BTW this isn’t the horror movie type scene…if u couldn’t tell….…but besides that Jesus lord…so we’re only 10 min in and so far we’ve seen a corpse and a scary ghost face…lovely, and again this is a Disney movie….so anyways he goes into his pitch black home and lights a candle and heads up stairs into his room that is pitch black and has a fire place on…so that’s the only light source….so anyways then he starts seeing his bells over his door ringing rapidly…then it stops…and oh boy….then he starts hearing footsteps walking up the stairs slowly…and also hearing chains being dragged behind….yeah this is a kids film…and this scene seems like something out of a horror movie…I mean what was there intention…so scare there young kid audience…because if that’s the case then they have bloody succeeded…so then he hears the doorsteps stopping right in front his door and sees the doorknob starting to turn….and then silence…then these boxes with chains attached to them come flying through the door…and then Marley ghost comes through the door…..so if ur wondering if this can’t get anymore scary…um…well Marley does scream out his words at one point during this conversation and his lower jaw just unhinged from his upper jaw…….rated PG….really?….my god..how did Disney except content like this in there type of movie…but they won’t do that anymore…ok so im gonna skip to ghost of Christmas present because there is a horrific moment with him….so right before the ghost of Christmas present time is up….he and scrooge Teleports into a clock tower…and well its only has some light aiming to them but the rest of the room is dark….oh and then the clock stricks midnight and when that happens um we can see the ghost groaning in pain and having trouble breathing…each time the bell is getting rung…and of course while we see him in pain we see his hair turning grey ..and while this is happening he is laughing like a crazy man….then he collapses onto the floor and is well constantly laughing…then well cut to scrooge who is frightened….um understandable…then of course we see the ghost on the floor laughing and he is now pale and his hands are a bit thin…..then well we get a view of his legs…and we see his skin turn to dust …then it cuts back to his face and um…we as an audience see a skeleton with eyeball,  laughing at the screen…then he just evaporates to dust…..Jesus lord Disney!….are u sure this wasn’t meant to scare kids…yeah because when I think kids films, I don’t think a man’s skin evaporating into dust then seeing his laughing skeleton…..well kids I hope u were not trying to sleep tonight because if u see this…u won’t be for one night or a while….ok so anyways as for ghost of Christmas future..he looks like a dark menacing cloaked figure….with boney finger…lovely…and he shows scrooge that if he continues on this path, he will die early…..heck he even shows him how his coworkers home life is…it aint good….he has a son that is ill and he doesn’t have the money to take him to the hospital….so the ghost shows scrooge…basically hey if u don’t give him more money he won’t have enough to save his son little Timmy….yeah this movie has its sad moments…like this one…I mean yikes …talking about a kid dying in a Disney film…um are we sure this was made by Disney…..so yeah the film ends with scrooge now loving Christmas…..the end….and my god…this film is dark…for a Disney movie…..I think they went a tad bit overboard with the dark moments….but I’d still recommend this film…I give this movie a solid 9/10

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