Friends 18+

Social opportunities for our adult members to continue to grow! We hope to facilitate friendships and experiences that will last a lifetime. Our Young Adult Network offers opportunity for FC alumni living in Pittsburgh to stay connected! 

Friends on the Town

Ages 18+

Book Club
Each Book Club meetings will be led by a librarian incorporating hands-on activities relating to the book of the day!

Oh, the places we’ll go! Join us each month for a fun outing with friends!

We cook, set up, host and serve dinner (and enjoy eating it, too). No kitchen experience needed to share this full culinary experience!

Catch up with friends at The Friendship Circle building as we munch on delicious Milky Way dinner together!

Art Nights
Everyone’s an artist — and friendship brings it out — in a fun and creative atmosphere!

Movie Nights
Grab a bag of popcorn and a friend to sit with as we kick back and enjoy our favorite movies at Movie Night.

Getting fit has never been so much fun!

Friendships love spontaneity! Get together for a cup of coffee at the library or at the park — there’s nothing better than hanging out with a small group of good friends!


Ages 18+

Develop and maintain meaningful relationships with other agencies in the community while also providing a service of need.

I-Volunteer is a partnership between the Jewish Federation Volunteer Center and The Friendship Circle. Young adults between the ages of 18 and 45 of all abilities combine entertainment with community service in a comfortable social setting. Each month, The Friendship Circle partners with a different young adult organization; including Repair the World, Shalom Pittsburgh, J’Burgh, Hillel JUC, and Moishe House. Together, they perform meaningful work within the Pittsburgh community.

Interested in joining iVolunteer? Contact Us!

FC Health and Safety Update as of September 17, 2021

We continue to monitor our health and safety measures based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), other government organizations, and our health and safety task force. In line with these health and safety measures, and based on rising cases of COVID-19 locally, we are providing the following guidance regarding the use of face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All staff, program staff, visitors, and members are asked to wear a face covering when attending indoor AND outdoor activities sponsored by The Friendship Circle regardless of vaccination status, effective Sunday, September 19, 2021. All are asked to maintain six feet of physical distance from others wherever possible. This masking guidance is an effort to safeguard our members and community particularly during events where six feet of physical distance is difficult to maintain. At this time, we are not asking for proof of vaccination and signage will be placed on the front and back doors as a reminder. Please contact Rivkee Rudolph at [email protected] with any questions or concerns. We will continue to monitor and evaluate current guidance and recommendations and provide updates as needed via email and on our website. On behalf of the staff, we look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for your continued support of The Friendship Circle and for making this community a safe and positive place for us all.
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