FC Clubs

Through 12th grade


  • Sunday Circle
    An FC favorite! Enjoy arts and crafts, music, sports, surprise guest performers and an activity in theme with the weekly Torah portion.
  • South Hills Bowling League
    A favorite for all our friends, it’s a club that encourages camaraderie and fun!
  • Gymnastics Club
    Bodies AND friendships come in all shapes and sizes — nurture them both through these specially instructed classes! Members through 6th grade.
  • Sports League
    At Sports League, we learn sportsmanship skills while practicing & playing basketball, baseball, soccer and more! This takes place in Squirrel Hill and we also have a South Hills league.
  • Cooking Club
    With a new menu each session and ingredients list in hand, together we cook up delicious recipes! Learn skills and techniques, all in an authentic kitchen environment with experienced chefs leading the way. This takes place in Squirrel Hill, in South Hills, and virtually.
  • Yoga Club
    Here’s a great way to relax the mind and strengthen the body — all while enjoying some time with friends. This takes place both at the Friendship Circle and virtually.
  • Dance Club
    Led by our own in-house dancers, this club is a guaranteed good time for beginners and professionals alike!
  • Art Club
    The incredible artists and experience of Hatch Studio come to FC! This Friendship Circle favorite will allow you to access your inner artist as you create your own masterpieces and collaborate with our other FC artists!
  • Rock Climbing Club
    Take your friendship to new heights with a fun afternoon of rock climbing! Members in 7th-12th grade.


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