A Letter From the Directors

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Dear Friends,

Boy, are we ever looking forward to this year!!

While the past year was great for reflection and connection, we are thrilled
to dive into the 2021-22 yearwith everyone. It has been so nice getting to
see some of you over the summer and we can only hope and pray that the
year to come is one of real growth and rebirth. We are planning some
changes to ensure our members are safe and healthy (and will still have
some virtual options for that reason) but know that, in true FC fashion,
there will be some really exciting and good times to come! Here’s to
hoping for the Jewish year 5782 to be filled with only health and happiness.
May it be a truly sweet new year!

Looking forward to seeing you soon and thank you for helping to continue
the mission of The Friendship Circle. Best wishes for a “Shana Tova
Umetuka,” a happy, healthy and sweet New Year.

Rivkee and Rabbi Mordy Rudolph

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