An Essential Spotlight: Finding the Helpers – Eva Rosen

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Can you describe your job/role in the community?
  • Patient Engagement Coordinator- I work to ensure positive patient experience in the birth center, mostly with patients who have complications in their pregnancies. I also work on patient experience quality improvement projects.
What has been your experience working during this time?
  • We are screened daily, have our temperature taken daily, and wear masks at all times. It has been challenging and stressful at times.
What about your job feels empowering/positive?
  • It has allowed me to see people come together. The risk awareness is very high and everyone at the hospital has the “we are in this together” attitude. A midwife played “Lean on Me” in the lobby, it was moving and local restaurants deliver food for us to enjoy.
Is there any way Friendship Circle can help support your efforts?
  • People reaching out in any form of support has been so appreciated. Nurses’ ears’ hurt from wearing masks all the time. People have been donating headbands with buttons sewn on, if FC members wanted to make and donate some of those it would be so appreciated!
Anything else you would like to share?
  • During the time at the hospital, I have been thinking about how FC helped shift me in the direction of a helping profession and being part of a community. My FC experience has been so beneficial to me especially during this time.


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