An Essential Spotlight: Finding the Helpers – Leah Fireman

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Can you describe your job/role in the community?
  • CNA- certified nurses assistant. I do most nursing things with the exception of giving shots, administering meds. Can take vitals, assist patients etc. A lot of patient
What has been your experience working during this time?
  • Its been pretty strange. I was supposed to go to Cuba with some friends from school on a study abroad trip. Then I can home and didn’t want to do nothing so I got involved with this.
What about your job feels empowering/positive?
  • It feels amazing to be able to help people at the forefront of this pandemic (older adults are most susceptible). I help relieve the stress and anxiety they’re feeling around the pandemic.
Is there any way Friendship Circle can help support your efforts?
  • Members showing support for patients by writing them cards. Sharing headband support with nurses.



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