An Essential Spotlight: Finding the Helpers – Naomi

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Can you describe your job and what you do?
  • Normally when the building is open I’m a pre-school educator-floater at Shady Lane School. I either help if a teacher is out for the day, or if they need extra help in the classroom. I was in a room temporarily in a mixed-age class for a bit, so I really do various things.
How has your workplace adapted to social distancing, what new initiatives have you guys launched?
  • We’ve been doing a YouTube Channel where I’ve been doing book-reading, one kid had a birthday and I did a birthday shoutout for him. The other teachers have been reading books and doing some other activities for the kids as well! Admin have also jumped in as well! We also do zoom chats once a week with our classes, and it’s fun to see their faces. We really miss everyone!
What about your job feels empowering/positive?
  • In general, I love educating and hanging out with the kids and I feel that I can make a positive difference when I help the teachers. Now I feel it’s still important to do something for the kids even though we can’t actually be physically with them.
Is there any way Friendship Circle can help support your efforts?
  • If anyone wants to subscribe to the Shady Lane school channel, check out our videos!
Do you have any message or advice for our members/anything you want to say?
  • I miss everyone at the Friendship Circle! I hope you check out the channel and like the videos we put out. I’ll see you on the google meets, and hopefully we can all be back together soon!
Thank you for everything you do Naomi!
To see Shady Lane School’s YouTube Channel click this link!

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