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A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY This week’s Parsha, Beshalach, tells of the Jewish people leaving Egypt and crossing the Sea. It also begins to tell us of their journey in the desert. Obviously, their time in the desert was a special one; most of the Torah revolves around it. The Jewish people were sustained throughout their travels by… Read More

Weekly Roundup: January 26, 2024

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Training Tracks: Teens Weigh In Jason Smierciak of Self-Advocacy Voices, University of Pittsburgh Visiting Lecturer Alonna Carter-Donaldson, and FOTT member Brandon Carter joined a group of FC teens on Monday for a discussion about disability history and advocacy. Members of FC’s Teen Leadership Board wrote questions beforehand and participants broke out into small groups to help facilitate the conversation. Jason… Read More


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A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY Ok, I’ll admit, this week’s Parsha (Bo) is a favorite of mine. It contains the last three Plagues to befall the Egyptians and then begins detailing the Jewish People’s liberation from Egypt. Certainly monumental in that this was the moment this band of slaves and vagabonds became a true nation with a free… Read More

Super Human

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A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY So Moses returns to Egypt as commanded by G-d in last week’s Parsha; he continues to fulfill his mission to redeem the Jewish people from slavery. But before we delve into that the Torah stops; it pauses and tells us the genealogy of the players at hand in this week’s Parsha (Va’era), namely… Read More

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A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY This week’s Parsha is a rough one. It should have been simply a purely positive and momentous event on the Jewish calendar – the giving of the Torah – with its culmination in Moses’s returning to them with the entire backstory if you will. Instead, what took place was a grave error and… Read More

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Weekly Roundup: March 1, 2024

Teen Leadership Shabbaton Our teens enjoyed a weekend of connection, learning and fun for Teen Leadership Shabbaton last weekend. On Friday, they participated in a Training Tracks discussion about ableism with guest speakers Joey Murphy, Regina Sciullo, and Nick Sciullo, followed by a lovely Shabbat dinner and some games. On Sunday, as part of a Teen Workshop, we heard from… Read More

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A Glaring Omission

A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY You know how some things are famous for what they aren’t? Like an apology that isn’t really an apology – “I’m sorry for how that made you feel.”Or a speech that doesn’t mention by name the one thing that people were listening for? So this week’s Parsha -Tetzaveh – is one of those… Read More

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