To the Eighth Degree

Categories: Parsha, Shemini

A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY This week we read the Parsha, Shemini, which literally means “Eighth.” There are some laws of kosher animals and various laws surrounding purity, but I’m going to focus on the name of the Parsha. The Eighth refers to the day on which, after the seven days of inauguration, Aaron, the high priest of… Read More

This is Exhausting

Categories: Parsha, Tzav

A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY Sometimes things feel a little monotonous. Like, weeks go by and nothing especially exciting is happening and we feel the inherent need to shake things up. This week’s Parsha is named Tzav, literally “Command.” It discusses much of the regular sacrifices that the Kohanim—Aaron and his priestly dynasty—would be bringing in the Tabernacle… Read More

Plenty of Nothing

Categories: Parsha, Pekudei

A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY I’ve got nothing. So this week I’m in a bit of a conundrum. There is lots going on from a Jewish perspective (we conclude the Book of Exodus, we are about a week away from Purim) and the Parsha – Pekudei – is pretty repetitious. A few weeks ago, Moses is commanded by… Read More

Make it Happen

Categories: Parsha, Vayakhel

A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY This week’s Parsha, Vayakhel, contains the actual production of the Tabernacle. Yes, several weeks ago (Teruma) contained the exact instructions of how it should be done and this week contains the exact details of the Jewish people, directed by Moses, fulfilling those instructions. Why? The Torah does not include anything extra and can… Read More

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FOTT Cafe This week Friends on the Town had their last Cafe of the program year. Throughout the year our host committee selected their favorite restaurants to mimic their menu from. Themes included Chick-fil-A, Panera Bread, Chipotle, and our final theme of Olive Garden. This week our menu included spaghetti, vegetarian meatballs, salad, garlic bread, and mini no-bake cheesecakes! Members had… Read More

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Nasso Much

A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY This week’s Parsha (Nasso) discusses the end of the census and teaches various laws. It also discusses the inauguration of the Tabernacle, detailing the offerings brought by each of the tribes. Curious that each offering was identical and yet each was described. (For more on this, please see my thought from last year!)… Read More

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Weekly Roundup: June 14, 2024

FOTT Trip Friends on the Town had a blast at their last Trip of the year. This month we took to the FC Rooftop for a BBQ! Friends got to eat hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, watermelon, and Italian ice. We also got to play plenty of lawn games like table top checkers, Connect 4, and cornhole. We also made keychains and… Read More

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