Cece’s Vacation!

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“I just got back from a beach in York Connecticut called fishers island.  While I was there I saw the ocean and boats. I also saw tennis courts and a lot of houses. While I was there I went on a boat into the ocean a few times with an American flag on it. I watched the sunset every night outside on the grass. We went to eat every night and had sch yummy food! Some of the stuff I ate was chicken, dumplings, veggies. I drank water and diet coke! I went to the golf course to watch the sunset on the water one night and we saw two docks and some boats. One night we watched the sun set through the window in our house. One night we went on the boat after sun set and I took a selfie! On the fourth of July I hung out with my brother and dog and had a cookout and took a picture. One night I saw sea otters and a light house! We other went to hay harbor and swam in a tank and pool, that was my favorite thing. I was with my Aunt Ross, Mom and Dad, my grandma, my grandma, and my cousin, my brother Cameron and Brooks. And our dog Dixie.”

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