February “Pop-Up” Bakery

In February 2020, we introduced an exciting project designed to pilot new employment opportunities for our adult members. Through the FC Popup Bakery, members were trained in various baking roles and worked together to fill orders from the community. Eleven of our adult members participated as bakers and received training in a number of baking roles by a local baker and partner, Tammy Berkowitz. Our bakers worked in the kitchen, packaged the baked goods, and sold bakery items to the community. We welcomed 15 community volunteers who also worked in the bakery, and overall, we sold 350 cookies! It was a fantastic pilot year and one we are excited to replicate.

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FC Activity Report: 8/27/2020

On August 25 th , 2020, at roughtly 1:00 PM, I signed on to Zoom for an arts and crafts video session. After the Rules of Respect, the group (of which there were roughly 12 participants, counting the instructors) wished one of its members happy birthday before moving on to the activity—making planters from old water bottles and thread (for… Read More

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Bill and Ted Movie Reviews!

So I’ve finished watching the Bill and Ted movies–including the new one–and here are my honest opinions on each of them… PARTY ON DUDES! …but seriously, here are the reviews:   Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure:  This movie is spectacular. It’s very funny, but it’s the type of humor that makes you laugh at how stupid and illogical it is.… Read More

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The Friendship Circle of Pittsburgh has partnered with iKIPPAH to design custom face masks with clear panels that allow the mouth and more of the face to be seen. Available for purchase at $10, these Transparent Masks make lip reading possible and facial expressions better understood – and they come in a variety of cool colors and patterns. Now, you can… Read More

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