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Ghostbusters: well this is gonna be short review….I mean what’s to say about this film …well lets see its a great classic that people should watch…of they like classic movies and want to watch something that has ghosts in it but is also not to scary….and this film is funny…this is a comedy horror film….well less horror but more comedy…..with a great cast such as Bill Murry…basically the plot of this film is….2 men who believe in the paranormal…who’s names are Egon and Ray…well go invite there friend who is a skeptic and who’s played by Bill Murry..and his name is Dr Peter’s..and well they go to a library that has a ghost…and now he is a true believer..oh and Egon and Ray get kicked out of the work place they worked at….and now the three open up a business where they hunt ghosts if someone has s ghost problem…..oh and they go hunt down a ghost thats at a hotel…turns out its the ghost that escaped from thereghost tech….and this ghost is the legendary slimer ghost….if u guys are a fan of Ghostbusters u will know who I’m talking about….bur as for the rest of u people who haven’t seen Ghostbusters…im sure u seen slimer somewhere on the internet or heard about him from fans of the film…he is a green looking like ghost blob that eats alot…and later on in the film a black dude named Winston..joins there team…and skeptic guy comes to their building and opens there tech and well unleashes the ghosts….and now the Ghostbusters get sent down to the majors office…he helps fund them so they can defeat the threat….so they go up to the top of the empire state building…I believe…and a gate to the underworld opens and a demon that wearing silver sparkling spandex and has glitter on its skin….and spiked hair…comes out of hell….and starts attacking them…..Egon warns the team to not cross the streams together from there proton packs…or else it will cause mass destruction…..anyways the demon asks what form it should take the form of…Ray of course thinks of stay puff marshmallow in his head…so the demon take the form of stay puff marshmallow….so anyways they close the gates to hell by crossing the streams and well stay puff marshmallow explodes and happily ever after….I really love this film i recently rewatched it…highly recommend this film..solid 9.4/10

Ghostbusters 2016: ok this movie is terrible….first off the plot the same…..except change the main characters to female cast…..the exact same….except this time the villian is a miserable janitor who open the the ghost realm and well he dies and posses Chris Hemsworth character…..yep….😑…..and instead of him taking the form of stay puff marshmallow…he takes the form of the ghost in the Ghostbusters logo….🤦‍♂️…and oh yeah instead of our main characters crossing the stream to close the gates to hell…instead they cross the stream to shoot the giant ghost in the nuts….😑….lovely…..also for some reason all the ghosts in this movie are neon colored ghosts….and the comedy ranged from farther jokes to a ghost vomiting on one of them…and shooting a ghost in the nuts…😑….oh and the African American woman in this film is annoying….the director mistaken comedy for screaming every sentence she says….yeah because screaming every word is so funny….🤦‍♂️..and this time the skeptic person who doesn’t believe in ghosts is played by Bill Murry….and in this movie the African American female character has a grandfather who’s played by the actor who played Winston…😑…and oh yeah the the actor who played Ray appears in this movie as a taxi driver…and he says …look i don’t go to China Town or drive wackos and I believe in no ghosts….😑🤦‍♂️….SERIOUSLY MOVIE!!?……also Chris Hemsworth character is a complete idiot…

Horrible movie…..1/10…wouldn’t recommend 

Ghostbusters the video game: ok so this game takes place after the first 2 movies and they now have a new recruit and u the player gets to play as the recruit…no we don’t know the recruits name because Egon doesn’t want to get to attached to him incase if they let him go….lovely…also this game has all the iconic ghosts…like slimer and stay puff marshmallow…..also the ghost Liberian….and oh yeah the second level u get to go back to the hotel and fight against slimer and a new ghost which is a captain ghost..

.this game is fun from what ive played so far….I honestly recommend this game….it feels like an authentic Ghostbusters game….solid 10/10


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