IT Chapter 2 Movie Review by Jarrod Edson

Categories: Friendship Circle

Overall I say this film is not as good as the 2017 IT. IT chapter 2 is an entertaining film, but there are 5 disturbing moments in this movie…the beginning is hard to sit through so warning if any of you don’t like seeing hate crimes then this beginning of this movie will be hard. A downside to this movie is that the viewer does not see Pennywise that much, he only gets 5 scenes and they are short. James Macavoy as Bill was fine but not amazing. Bill Hader as Richie was the best part of this movie, he is so comedic there is more comedy in this movie. The interactions between Eddie and Richie were the best part of this movie. The CGI in this movie not good at all it looks fake like something out of a video game. So, overall if you are a fan of R rated horror movies that have blood and cussing, then give this movie watch. If you are not a fan of that then skip this movie. I give this movie a solid 7/10.

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