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I should start off with a warning ⚠️….so warning there some gross moments and offensive content to some… you have been warned


IT: So the story of IT is this shape-shifting alien demon well lives in the Sewers in a town called derry main……and he lures kids into the sewer to eat them because there the source of her meals…and the way she lures them in is either by taking the form of there worst fear they have.. so the clone form she takes is called Pennywise…and well pennywise design is….red puffy hair , white skin, red lips and had a puffy cloth thing around his neck thats purple and white and he wears a stripped purple shirt and yellow pants and has orange puff balls on his chest…and has a red ball on his nose….anyways to the show starts off with Billy litte brother  Georgie , wearing Billy to make him a paper boat to go outside in the storm while he’s in his yellow rain jacket…I already have a problem with this film, its raining outside i mean pouring ran and its sunny outside and there no rain clouds…🤦‍♂️…anyways so his host falls into a storm drain and pennywise shows up inside the storm drain and tricks Georgie into grabbing the boat..but he grabs his hand and as soon. As he is about to eat his arm off it cuts away to the next scene….where there having a funeral for Georgie…..ok so now Billy and friends…Ben (who gets taunted by the bully Henry bowers…because Ben is fat so he gets picked on), Mike ( the towns black dude…no seriously for some reason he’s the only black kid with a black family in derry main…and they get picked on….so racism then…he especially gets picked on by Henry…because u know…racism) and then there Beverly (her father is abusive, also Beverly in this series has brown long hair), and then there Richie (the stand up comic relief character..and in this series he has orange hair and glasses),  and then there’s Eddie ( the  Germaphobic kid who has a fear of anything gross), then there Stanley (the Jewish kid)…then lastly Billy  ( the kid with talking problems…he stutters when he talks)….and they call there group the losses club, because of well they’re treated like losers…anyways they encounter pennywise in the form of their worst fears….for Ben it was his dead dad…for eddie…( I forget), for Billy its his dead brother,  for Beverly (well its a balloon that comes out of her sink and pops and blood splatters in the sink) and well Stanley,  his is a mummy…for Richie  his was a werewolf….also pennywise isn’t menacing in this series…he just shows up as their worst fears then turns into pennywise then makes a somewhat bad joke and then leaves…in a way I always felt like they could take a baseball bat and beat the living daylight out of this clown…same can not be said about the 2017 IT…but ill get to that in a bit…also when this pennywise is about to snarl at them and ate Georgie arm off his teeth turned into fangs….so now our loser group team up to defeat pennywise…Henry bowers gets sent to jail because all the kids that disappeared get pinned on him…although it was pennywise that did that to the kids…anyways our man group shoots battery acid st the clown and he escapes back into his hole in the sewer…ok so they make a blood oath to come back to stop IT if he returns….oh and on a side note every time pennywise Is on screen he is accompanied by different color balloons




IT Review – Part 2: 

Ok so now 27 have passed and our main characters haven’t seen each other and moved out of the city…I forget half their jobs…except that Mike stays behind in derry to become a librarian…and Billy becomes a horror book author…and Richie becomes a stand up comedian…. So Mike calls up his friends to inform them that pennywise is back and he needs of them the come back to Derry Maine,…Stanley gets the call and he commits suicide in his bathtub..I won’t get into the graphic details….so now they reunite at a Chinese restaurant…and Mike brings up pennywise and then everyone in that group started getting memories back of pennywise…see…pennywise powers are  He can shape shift and cause allusions and if anyone leave the city out of his grasp he has the powers to wipe their memories of their encounter with him so since are main characters left the city they have forgotten about him…so now there  Fortune cookies start coming to life one of the fortune cookies opens up and as an eyeball in that I will not get into any other details manly because I forget the other ones….then they go to the library to wait for Stanley…they get a call from his wife telling them he killed himself…they think back  To his encounter of pennywise and the form of pennywise took was a mummy and all Stan did was stand there and hold his bird book in front of him and say all the name of the birds he remember and it worked it scared the mummy away….what….how…..why……next thing they find Stans head in the fridge and starts talking… Let me just get this I was away this scene was not scary at all …in fact he has some normal chat with them… This is what Stans decapitated head says “well ok let’s who is here, Richie u still Here? we didn’t expect u to stick around..nice nose job no one would ever expect…hey stock, putting a little weight on heh?, weazy how’s ur sex life? whats ur sex life?”…..yeah because I am so sure thats horrific….no seriously what the heck  Am I  Watching..cry me a river…this isn’t scary this is like a horror sitcom…anyways balloons starts flying out the fridge…again balloons aren’t scary!!….u can try as many times as u want miniseries but balloons aren’t scary….later on Richie goes to another library and there pennywise and he spawns in many balloons the balloons pop and blood come out of it…splatters…and only Ritchie sees it…and this scene isn’t scary its just something…this is what pennywise says to Richie… Excuse me sir do you have Prince Albert in a can?… you do?.. well you better let  the poor guy out…again how is this scary…so pennywise brakes Henry bowers out of the mental asylum…and scares  A guard by taking a form of  Pennywise with a dog face…🤣🤣🤣🤣…. Yeah because dogs are so scary..and he tries to kill Mike…all he does he injures him badly…and well our group kills Henry. ..the end for his arc….so  Are main characters take Mike to the hospital and leave him there and they go into the sewer and encounter pennywise in his true form a giant somewhat looking alien spider …what….ok whatever…. Anyways Eddie gets killed off because….um…it grabs him and picks him up…🤷‍♂️ IDK I’m as confused as u r…. So the rest of the characters push the giant spy they’re over and rip his heart out…the end….I don’t like this series it’s dumb I give IT a 4/10…not scary in my opinion 

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