John Wick Series

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I’m gonna start with a warning ⚠️,  this film series is rated R for brutal violent scenes and constant action and well cussing….and to dog lovers…turn away while u can….u have been warned.


John Wick: so where to start, well let’s start with the plot…so the plot is that an ex assassin named John Wick (played by Keanu Reaves) has put his past job behind and married a woman, and they got themselves a home and were both happy…till one day his wife was diagnosed with cancer, so she has some little time to live…and well she dies…so now he’s alone and depressed but of course one day he gets a dog as a gift (apparently before his wife died she ordered him a dog so he doesn’t feel alone), so now this dog has brought back joy in his life…till one day he goes to a gas station to fill up his car and he bumps into a group of men who try to take his car away…but he doesn’t let them because he’s  Fond of his car….so of course they do threaten him, later that night they sneak into his house and……they beat up John Wick and kill his dog…….this was a hard scene for me to watch because I’m a dog lover…and well they steal his car…so they killed the last resemblance of his wife and stole his favorite car….nows he’s pissed and he well comes out of hiding….so then the leader of that group goes and sees his dad (who’s a mob boss) and he his son that his son just picked on the wrong person…that he has pissed of Baba Yaga….(that’s the nickname John wick is given, because he’s a master assassin) so now he’s fearing for his sons life….while this happen….John Wick goes to thr continental hotel ( which is the place we’re all assassins go to rest and refill ammo…also there a rule on continental grounds…no killing and doing business is aloud to happen in any of those hotels…if that happens then well u become excuminacated, which basically means all continental privileges for u gets taken away and ur banned from the guild and most importantly a bounty is put on ur head and then ur hunted down by every assassin…so yeah)…so when he gets there he sees his old boss Mr Winston  (played by Ian McShane) and he warns John Wick about rejoing and that he got lucky being able to leave his old life behind and start a good and normal life…but he assist that he’s only back to get revenge….so yeah the rest of the middle of this film is him killing tons of people…heck the body count  in this film is 90 kills…thats right John Wick kills 90 people in this film….God dammit that’s a lot…now u can see why he’s called Baba Yaga…so anyways the mob boss kidnap John Wick and tries to bribe him to not kill his son…but John Wick won’t accept it….heck John in my opinion has a really emotional line in this scene and u can feel the impact…this is what he says……”when Helen died, I lost everything…until that dog arrived on my doorstep, a final gift from my wife. In that moment,  I received some resemblance of hope. An opportunity to grieve unalone, and ur son took that from me. Stole that from me….killed that from me!!!…people keep asking if I’m back and I haven’t really had an answer, but now yeah I’m thinking I am back!. U can either hand over ur son!, or stand there and die near him!”….ooofff this scene was great it had the right emotional weight and tension and u can and do feel bad for John Wick…I mean although he kills people…but think of the situation he’s in..he ain’t normal first off all he’s been taught to be an assassin and then he had a wife he really loved, and died ..then he got a dog from her that he loved alot and that was taken away from him…so yeah understandable…..also in this film he does find himself at a vets and he sees a dog that due to be put down…and he doesn’t want that to happen…so he takes the dog out of his cage and takes the dog home as his own…..awww…so anyways he does kill both the son and father…not st same time..he kills the son near the end of the second act and he kills the father near the end of the third act…so do I like this film…hell yeah I do…this is a spectacular yet sad film….I say sad because dog dying is well depressing…I give this film a solid 9/10…worth the watch…




John Wick 2: so the plot of this film is that John Wick is hired by a guy to kill a person (because John Wick made a blood oth with the guy who hires him and he wants John Wick to fulfill his end of the bargain) also this is the guy who helped John Wick get out of his assassin job safely….but before this happens a group of men enter his home and tries killing him but since he’s Baba Yaga..he freaking kills all the men but also there were men outside and they blow up John Wick expensive home….lovely……so anyways John Wick goes to assassinate the target he was hired to kill and he does…but then the guy who hired him went back on his promise and decides to put a bounty on John Wick head….what a sh*t head… now all assassins are trying to kill him…and yes we get a brutal kill from John Wick…he takes a pencil and pushes it into a guys ear then the eye ball….oooooffff…… so then John Wick hunts down the guy and finds him at the continental hotel…Mr Winston tries to tell John Wick not to kill the dude..but guess what he does kill the dude on property grounds…so the next day Mr Winston has John Wick meet him at a public place and he makes John Wick  excuminacated and takes away his privileges and then puts a bounty on his head… now all assassins are hunting him down…but Mr Winston gives John Wick a three hour head start….which is not alloud because he was supposed to send the kill list at that moment….so now this leads us to the third movie…also the body count in this film is 119….I do like this film i give it a 9/10




John Wick 3: so throughout this movie John Wick is being hunted down and there are brutal deaths in this film…he brakes a guys lower jaw by jamming a book into the guys mouth…and he kills another person by stabbing him through the eyeball…and on top of that he does toss an axe into a guys head….so the plot is that John Wick must get to a person that h a higher authority in the hight table (which is the name of the people in charge of the continental grounds) so he can get the bounty off of him and all that stuff….basically this film is a 2 and a half hour long movie filled with violence and intense scenes…heck the body count in this film is 167…..yikes… John Wick goes and talks to an old friend named Sofia (played by  Halle Berry) and she has 2 dogs……they go with John Wick to a collector guy in thr desert named Berrada….who’s played by Jerome Flynn… fact this actor plays in game of thrones…in game of thrones he played a character named Bronn….oh and Ian McShane did appear in 1 episode in season 6… with that trivia out of the way….the guy shoots one of the dogs….don’t worry the dogs have bullet proof vest on….and yes they do kill everyone there and leave well alive with the dogs… now John Wick goes on his own to the higher person in the council and he is located in the desert… he says to John Wick u can be welcomed back and have the bounty take off of u if u cut one ur fingers off and kill whats holding u back…so he does cut his finger off…and he goes back to New York and tries to kill Winston….but when be gets back there an Chinese assassin dude waiting for him and yes a coll epic motorcycle chase scene happens….and then they get to the hotel and they can’t fight there so they sit down and the assassin starts fan boying over John Wick….hehehehe… anyways now John Wick and Winston do team up because  the adjudicator does condemn the continental hotel as terminated…which means business can be done on the grounds and she sends in a whole army to come kill them…long dory short alot of violence….so Mr Winston tries talking his way out and makes a deal with the adjudicator, to allow him to continue his work…and course she says what do we do about Mr Wick and Mr Winston takes a gun out and shoots John Wick 3 times in the chest and he falls off a tall building and onto concrete floor….oooofff…yes he survives…..and at the end of this film he is brought down into he sewers to the Bowery king….(he appears in the second film forgot to mention) and he’s played by Laurence Fishburne….fun fact this isn’t the first time both actors worked together in a film…they both played in the matrix movies…so anyways the film ends here with Bowery king wanting to team up with John Wick to take over the high table…I love this film a solid 9.6/10….also this won’t be the last time we see John Wick…there gonna be 2 more movies…and apparently 1 more matrix movie…


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