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Illustration of a tabernacle against a smoky orange background.

Art by Sefira Lightstone


This week’s Parsha, Vayakhel, contains the actual production of the Tabernacle. Yes, several weeks ago (Teruma) contained the exact instructions of how it should be done and this week contains the exact details of the Jewish people, directed by Moses, fulfilling those instructions. Why? The Torah does not include anything extra and can easily just state that it was done in accordance with how it was instructed. Why the need to list these excessive details!?
Perhaps the answer can be found in when this gathering took place   (Vayakhel literally means, “gathering,” referring to Moses gathering the Jewish people to actually carry out G-d’s command.) It specifically notes that it was after “The Day,” referring to Yom Kippur. Why is that necessary to mention? Because the Jewish people were inspired; they were fired up! It was an overwhelming day where they poured their hearts out! And then Yom Kippur ended. The sun sets and everyone focuses on bagels and lox. Which prayer? Tears? Meditation? Sorry, that was this morning. I’ll have a decaf coffee please. And so it was the day after this awesome moment that they put the plan into action of building G-d’s dwelling here in this world. Do something about it! Act! It’s great that you were passionate about it this morning but you need to translate that into something real.
So what do we see in the specific carrying out of the plan in this week’s portion? They did it. As we all know, it’s one thing to say you’re going to do something and another entirely to actually do it. They did it. They had a great plan and executed it to perfection. And that is a concept worth talking about. Good Shabbos!

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