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Interview with Elana

By Sarah Lehman


Not too long ago, Gila put me in touch with Elana Slesnick, a member of FC’s Program Staff. Since she also has an interest in fan fiction, we thought she might want to do a guest spot for the blog, and possibly even become a regular contributor. I decided that a brief interview would be a good place to start, and put together a set of questions:


Q1. How did you first become interested in fan fiction (ex. someone introduced you to it)?

A1. I first started getting into fan fiction I guess when I got really into Pokémon and Sonic the Hedgehog. It made me want to write my own adventures where I would interact and form various relationships with the characters such as either dating them or becoming like a sibling figure to them.


Q2. What kind(s) of fan fiction do you like?

A2. I like a lot of video game and movie fan fiction. I like to read them when I have spare time.


Q3. Where do you usually read fan fiction (ex. or AO3)?

A3. I usually read on


Q4. Do you write fan fiction yourself?

A4. I used to but I haven’t written any in a long time.


Q5. What would you like me to discuss on the blog?

A5. I think you should discuss the different topics and aspects of fan fiction as well as talk about where or when it possibly could have started.


Q6. What would you like to do on the blog (ex. providing an afterword)?

A6. I would love to provide an afterword! Please let me know when and what time you would like to plan for me to do so!


I’ll be working on how Elana’s contributing to the blog will work, and I look forward to seeing what she comes up with. There’s only so much I can do on my own, so I’m glad to have others’ input, both in terms of my posts and their submissions.


Until next time, stay tuned!


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