Shabbat Dinners

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My favorite ever Shabbat dinner was the one where we had a Lion King theme – I love Disney. If I were to plan the Shabbat dinners for the next year, I would make one Frozen themed – we could have Elsa and fake snow and decorate the great room like a winter wonderland. I would like to have Chinese food that night. The next Shabbat dinner would be Finding Nemo themed. At that dinner we would have balloons and party favors, and we would make the Great Room look like it was under water. At the Finding Nemo themed dinner we would have tacos. The next Shabbat dinner would be finding Dory themed. We would eat noodles, and we would put fish posters EVERYWHERE. It would be beautiful. The last Shabbat dinner of the year would have to be Pinnochio themed so that we could have a puppet show. We would eat gefilte fish and more noodles. I feel that Shabbat Dinner themes make the meals more exciting, I always feel great when I am there.

-Mike L.

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