The Exorcist

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Warning ⚠️, this content may not be for the faint of hearts or people who can’t stand the sight of blood, and or vomit….oh and especially if people can’t handle to watch something about demonic possession… have been warned..



The Exorcist Movie: Ok this is gonna be a short review….so the exorcist is about this girl named Regan starts acting odd….it is fined out she is possessed and well her mother calls in an Exorcist to well exercise the demon out of her….and thats the plot…the reason I’m not going to give that much information away is Because u guys should check it out…(only if u can stand horror)…I can at least warn u that this film has cussing and is well scary….fine ill spoil the ending…both the priest and exorcist die st the end….I won’t be saying how they die…that much I’ll leave secret….this is truly a classic horror film…it doesn’t in my opinion have any of the dumb modern day horror movie tropes….oh and the demons name is Pazuzu …just thought u guys should know …especially keep that name in mind for the series…also another reason um I’m not spoiling much about this film is because I kinda already did…the plot is simple really…the rest of the movie takes place in Regan room and well and exorcism happens.. and by the end of the movie both priest and Exorcist die….honestly I forget some stuff that happens before the exorcism so I might re-watch this film…overall I  Thoroughly enjoyed this….I give this piece of classic a 9/10


The Exorcist TV series: so this series is a continuation from after the first 2 exorcist movies….the plot being….Regan is now a grown adult and is married and has 2 Teenage daughters…one of which is recovering from her friend dying in a car crash…. and well now the demon Pazuzu is back and he wants revenge on Regan for escaping him…so he does that by possessing one of her daughters….which one u might be asking……well thats for u to find out…I do think this is a series that shouldn’t be spoiled. .it has some nice twists…and turns…oh and BTW this show is a lot more scarier….makes sense this film came out in 2017….late 2017 to be precise….it was good enough to warrant a second season…let’s just say the second season isn’t worth the time of day….but if u end up enjoying the first movie and then the first season…and want to watch the second season…then be my guest…but yes should want u there is bloody moments in this show and sense the graphics are more updated…scenes like that look realistic….now this show does fix a problem I had with the film…in the film Possessed Regan…turned her head 180 degrees…and she does not die…I don’t care if she Possessed…bones are still bones….but in the show if a demon twists a person’s head 90 degrees or 180 degrees…well that person dies….finally some logic…(and yes I know I’m praising logic in a movie about possession)…overall I thoroughly enjoyed this season…..I give it a solid 9/10


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