The Walking Dead TV Show Review

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Well before I start I should warn u all who’s reading this is if u decide to watch this show then don’t read this…also this is an adult show so gore and some adult language…(don’t worry won’t be saying any of those or describing the gore in this review)….what do u expect its a zombie show…but for the people who like that kinda stuff I hope u stick around..oh and stay tuned for this month because throughout October I’m gonna review horror movies and Halloween themed shows and zombie games and a book series i read as a kid…



Let’s star with season 1, ok so season 1 is a short season it only has 6 episodes…that’s because when the director and company made this show they didn’t know how popular this show would be so they they didn’t want to invest to much into this….so in season 1 where introduced to our main characters….Rick Grimes, Rick’s friend  Shane Walsh, Rick’s son Carl Grimes and Rick’s wife Lori Grimes, and Glenn Rhee and Daryl Dixon and his brother Merle Dixon (don’t worry about Merle he is only in 2 episodes in season 1 and we don’t see him again until season 3), and Dale and T-dog and Andrea and Carol and her daughter Sophia (Carol in season 1 through 2 isn’t the same as we see her later down the line…she has an abusive husband and just wasn’t as strong or brave as she is now). So one day Rick and his friend Shane go hunt down criminals who are riding away (Rick and Shane are cops) Rick gets shot and ends up in a coma in a hospital for a long time..Rick one day wakes up and he wakes up in the zombie apocalypse. And Rick goes home and can’t find his wife or son…and he bumps into 2 people (Morgan and his son), they take him in and heal him. We find out Morgan’s wife turned into a zombie and she is outside amongst the dead and Morgan can’t bring himself to kill her because he still sees her as her…so Rick leaves on a horse. He goes into town, gets surrounded by hundreds of walkers…(that’s what zombies are called in this show), he gets in a tank and he is surrounded.  Glenn saves him and he meets Glenn and Andrea and Merle and T-dog, warning about Merle he is a racist and sexist, and his brother Daryl is a redneck, and then Rick handcuffs Merle to the roof and leaves him behind….oh and the way they get out of the city is by Rick coming up with the idea to wear ponchos and put walker guts on them to blend in with the dead…because it’s all about the sent of humans, of course Rick reunites with his family and his friend, ( turns out since Lori thought Rick was dead…she started um dating and kissing Shane), she doesn’t tell rick till season 2…overall I thought this season was good,  it was a good introduction into this world…I give this season a 8.8/10……



season 2, ok since I barley remember what happened ill just tell u what I remember….Carl gets shot….Rick takes him to a farm he bumps into …who has Maggie and her sister Beth and there dad Hershel, …he is a veterinarian…but he still does the surgery on Carl to save him…also in season 2 we find out shane isn’t a good guy…on a supply run to get meds , shane and a friend of Hershal named Otis…go out and get meds, and of course when they get chased by  a horde of walkers..and otis is slowing shane down…shane decided to shoot Otis in the leg and leave him behind to get eaten by walkers…..also Rick gives carlhis cowboy cop hat..also Maggie and Glenn fall in love…and Carol daughter goes missing and Daryl tries to help find her…later they find out that Hershel has his barn filled with walkers…because Hershel believes the undead to be humans that are sick…and it turns out Sophia was in there…and already undead…so that was a sad episode…also Hershel undead wife was in there…and Rick and his friends kill the walkers…and now Hershel want them to leave…also Rick kills shane because Rick find out that shane had marriage relationship with Lori…also now Lori is pregnant with a baby….and well shane has become more aggressive (not abusive…but aggressive), so he does kill Shane.  Then a zombie also kills Dale…that was a depressing episode.  Well by the end of this season a horde of zombies comes and destroys the farm and everyone leaves, and this season only has like 12 episodes i believe. Overall this season was an improvement over the first season…i give this season a 9.4/10….



season 3. Andrea is on her own. She bumps into a new female character named Michonne, and our other main characters find a prison and start living there after they clear out the undead…also they find 3 prisoners and they decide to let the prisoners live in the prison. Also Hershel gets bitten in the leg and Rick has to cut Hershel leg off…now Hershel has a missing leg…also Andrea and Michonne bump into Merle who now has a missing hand that has now a metal tube with a knife on the end of it…if ur asking how Merle has a missing hand…its because he cut off his own hand in season 1 to escape from the roof, because he was handcuffed to the roof…also now Merle is working with the new villian who is named the Governor. So they bring Andrea and Michonne to the town the Governor Is in charge of….so the Governor find a survivor from a crashed helicopter and decided to bring him to his town to heal him….and the guy tells the Governor where to find his people to inform them that he survived the crash…of course since the Governor is secretly evil…he goes there and guns down the people and bring back supplies and lies to his city saying all those men were already dead…….oh and we also find out that the Governor is keeping his undead daughter in a secret room because he can’t come to kill her…and he has a secret room that has tanks filled with zombie heads (don’t ask why because i forget why), so later on Michonne find that room and kills his undead daughter (she doesn’t trust the Governor but for some reason Andrea does)…also Michonne gets into a fight with the Governor And it ends with him getting stabbed in the left eyeball with a shard of glass….now he only has one eyeball…oh and Merle decide to join our main characters and change sides…to help take down the Governor..  Governor kills Merle….also for those who wondering what the Governor looks like….he has slick brown hair that’s combed and he has a black eyepatch and wears a blackjacket and black shirt and grayish black pants….and Daryl find his brother as a walker….oh yeah and T dog dies he gets bitten by a horde of zombies and he sacrifice himself to let Carol escape….oh and Lori dies in this season…from child birth…she gives birth to her unborn daughter….and the 2 people who help her deliver is Carl! And Maggie….that scene was gross…just a heads up about that scene (then again this whole show has gory moments like a lot so what u expect), Rick’s now upset..oh and Rickand Carland Michonnefind Morgan…this time Morganson is dead so now Morganis on the brink of insanity…..and oh yeah Rick and his men attack the Governor town but they don’t bump into the governor but they do find Andrea he is near death door because she gets bitten….overall i think season is intense…i give this season a 9.7/10…



Season 4, ok so since not much happened I’ll tell u without to much detail….first 5 episodes a new sickness is going around in the prison and it killing people….Glenn gets infected…don’t worry he doesn’t die..also we get introduced to Tyreeseand Sasha..yet…because Hershel saves him with medication….also a horde of walkers enter the prison so they had to kill the zombies…first 5 episodes are intense…but thats why I liked those episodes…episodes 6 and 7 …revolve around the Governor…he destroyed his town and killed all his people so now he is um on his own and he finds people in a apartment….Tara and her sister and there dying father and Tara’s sisters daughter…who is young….anyway Governor helps out by risking his life to go upstairs in the apartment where an undead person is and Bring down a board game for the dying man…then he goes to a hospital to bring oxygen tanks for the dying man…again risking his life…but he does basically the right thing…then the father dies and the Governor  bury the body…so he takes them with him and he bumps into his old  Colleagues….and he kills one of them…also he does finds more people and they go to the prison with a tank and fights against Rick and his men…..Governor did kidnap Hershel and Michonne….also Governor kills Hershel by  Decapitating Hershel with Michonne sword….oh and the prison gets destroyed…..Rick and Governor get into a fist fight and right almost dies and Michonne comes up behind Governor and stabs him in the chest (oh on a side note earlier in this episode remember how Tara sister has a daughter well she gets bitten and Governor shoots the girl in the head with no remorse)…so that mother comes up to the Governor and shoots him in the head, oh and everyone splits up….Glenn and Maggie get separated together…Daryl and Beth get separated together,  a new guy i forget to mention in season 3 named Tyreese and these 2 girls one named Lizzie …get separated together…and Rick and Carl get separated together….also side note in season 4 Carol kills Tyreese wife and son because they got infected with the new virus…and Rick finds out and has Carol leave and never return…so then Rick and Carl find a house …Rick lays on the couch because he badly injured and Carl is upset with Rick because he blames Rick for the people who died at the prison…also Rick falls into a comma…and almost dies…don’t worry he doesn’t, and Michonne find them…alao Maggie (oh nevermind Maggie is on her own with random people woops)…Glenn finds Tara…she apologized to him…and they both bump into 3 new characters….Abraham and Eugene and Rosita….there heading to Washington because Eugene knows the answer to how to create a cure for the zombie plague (spoiler alert he doesn’t he just lies and we don’t find out till season 5). Daryl and Beth get separated somehow…i forget…and Daryl finds himself with bile gang people who are trying to hunt down Rick and Michonne and Carl for kline one of their men…Daryl helps them…(because he has  no idea there trying to hunt his friends down), anyway Rick kills those people….Daryl joins back up with them…and at the end of this episode which is the season they find a town…and it turns out the people in charge of this town are  Cannibals….and they toss Rick and his son and Michonne into a crate …that has Glenn and Maggie and Abraham and Tara and Eugene and Rosita…and thats the end of season 4…how do I feel about this season well I think its one of the best….it has tonsof intensescenes… I give it a 10/10






Season 5, so this season is a blur but here’s all I remember…first episode they escape from being killed off by the Cannibals  (I’ll spare u the grizzly details) and they bump into a priest who is named Father Gabriel…and he is terrible at killing walker’s…in fact  when our main group kills the walker’s that are about to kill him ….he vomited after seeing them kill the undead…..he decided to take them to his church so they can have a place to live at…the Cannibals find out main group and decided to kidnap one of them who is named Bob…and well they cut his leg off and eat it…luckily he gets the ultimate revenge on them by showing them he been infected so they just ate tainted meat in a way…so they find the church and rick and his men slaughter the Cannibals…they were killed off as quickly as they were introduced into the show ..these villians only lasted 3 episodes…and oh yeah Beth has been taken to a hospital thats ruined by a cop and the hospital has people and doctors…the cop can be abusive every now and then she slaps Beth. ..when she gets angry…Rick and the group locate beth and as she was about to leave with them the cop shoots her in the head…and then Daryl shoots an arrow from his crossbow into the cops head….and now Beth is dead…and Maggie is unhappy…of course because now her whole family is dead…oh i forget to mention Rick and Daryl actually treat each other like brothers…when they first met…in season 1 Daryl couldn’t stand Rick….anyway a gay man named Aaron find our main characters and try to bring them to this town he lives in called Alexandria…at first they don’t believe him…but they do because he takes them there…oh and Tyreese dies in this season from a walker bite…before he dies he  Hallucinates the 2 girls he took care of and the Governor…oh and he hallucinate Bob as well… our main characters go to Alexandria while Abraham and Eugene and Rosita and glenn head um out to Washington but on the way there Eugene tells them he lied…so they turn back and go to Alexandria….so while in Alexandria Rick falls in love with a married woman who has a son….also Carl gets introduced to a female character named Enid…and she likes to leave the city beyond the wall..because why not…..that for some reason Carol somewhat treats nice till one day she threaten him….oh the jealous husband tries to kill Rick…Rick get out on trial for attacking someone….blah blah anyway the jealous husband kills the woman leaders husband…which um well makes her want Rick to kill that jealous man…although she said people don’t kill people in this city….and the season ends with Morgan reuniting with Rick…



Season 6, so it turns out the jealous husband had an older son…and he wants Rick and his son dead, also a small group named the wolves sneak into Alexandria and they kill them but of course they get killed off…because bad guys die off of course. Anyway in episode 7 a tower falls over and knock down a part of the wall and a horde of zombies come in at start eating people…by the end of that episode  our main group put on ponchos with zombie guts…to blend in…in episode 8 they’re walking through the horde and well the small boy starts panicking and won’t move so a walker comes up and starts biting the small boy and then the mother…so now the older brother takes a gun out and tries to shoot Carl, but instead Michonne stabs the boy in the back…and the gun shoots and the bullet bounced off the side of the floor and bounced into carla eye  (yeah don’t think that one to far because its kinda illogical). So now carl has one eyeball and near death door and a female doctor does save him….during that time Rick and some people go out and slaughter the zonbies….so now Alexandria is saved…and Carl has one eye….left eye is been shot out….same as Governor…..oh and we now get introduced the a group who called themselves negan….we don’t know who they are or who negan is …so of course Rick thinks he kills negan because the bad guys he bumps into says there negan……but in the season finale we see negan…..and a new character named Dwight….side note earlier in this season Daryl met Dwight and his wife…..they do steel Daryl crossbow and bike….but now Dwight had a half burnt face and is working for negan…and negan has another right hand man named Simon  (and fun fact to those who play gta 5….the actor who plays Simon voiced Trevor Phillips in the game), they kidnapp our group and well make them neal in the forest infront of negan….and he is holding his baseball bat….and he wants to and decided to kill one of the main character to get revenge on our group for killing some of his men…..and the episode and season ends with negan picking someone to kill….also this is what negan looks like…he has black combed hair and has a black grey beard and has a black leather jacket and wears a red scarf and has gray pants with 2 buckles….and he has a baseballbatthat’s barbed wired and he calls the bat Lucille..(whichis the name of his dead wife)…and we don’t see who he kills toll season 7 premiere….overall i really enjoyed this season…i give it a 8.5/10



Season 7, so in the premiere..we find out who he kills…he killed Abraham and Glenn…he was just gonna kill one person bur Daryl decided to get cocky and punch negan which makes negan kill glenn…this scene was the most gruesome scene….also negan tries to make Rick cuts his own sons hand off to show that he is in charge of them…so yes thought this season negan is in charge and well he takes a lot of there items….oh and Rick has named his daughter…her name is Judith…..oh and Rick now in charge of Alexandria…..oh and Daryl has been kidnapped by negan and is being tortured…buy well Dwight feeding him sandwich with dog food in it…and oh yeah and playing a song multiple times called easy street….it’s a tactic to keep him awake and not able to sleep….so Daryl does escape and reunite with our group….while Rosita has Eugene makes a bullet for her to shoot negan….and of course she misses and shoots his bat….and well makes Rosita tell him made the bullet and well he finds out it was Eugene…so he takes Eugene away…..Rick comes back from his supply run because trying to find supplies for negan…because negan forces Rick to get supplies for him….anyway now Rick joins up with Maggie who is at another city named the Hilltop….also oh grief I forget to mention…in this season we get introduced to another character named Jesus…and he lives at the hilltop and works for the guy named Gregory….BTW he is selfish….Gregory is selfish and only cares about himself and well tattles on negan about our main characters….also Maggie tries to live there but Gregory tries to kick her out….also if ur wondering where Morgan  and Carol are….there at a new place called the kingdom…who is runned by a leader named king Ezekiel and he has a pet tiger…and has a right hand man named Jerry….so king Ezekiel in a way lives in a fantasy…and be takes care of an adopted son named Henry….Carol at first doesn’t like this because she prefer reality over fantasy…also Morgan character is odd season he is a killer…another seasons he doesn’t kill and then another time he ends up killing….so he really is insane….so our main group go talk to Gregory he refuses….and by the end of this season….Maggie and hilltop and rick and his men attack negan….and negan brings his men including sasha who he outs ina. Coffin…(I forget why and how he has her with him)…but he opens the Coffin and she is a walker and tries to kill negan…it turns out Eugene gave Sasha a pill to kill her because its her plan to kill herself so she can turn into a zombie to try to bite negan….but it fails…..of course….and a war happen….and well as soon as Rick and his team lose and negan is about to kill carl….king Ezekiel and carol and the tiger and his men and Jerry run in and help….so overall i think this season had a great villain and funny scenes and was intense….i give this season a 9/10



Season 8, so in season 8 out main group is setting up for war against negan, while that’s happening Gregory tries to get back into his town….because he kinds been staying with negan in last season…also Gabrielgoes blind in one eye tbis season..i forget yes….also while this is happening Carl does something stupid and goes beyond the walls and saves a guy named Sadiq….and due to that Carl got bitten by a walker….half way through this season negan and his men attack Alexandria burning it down…and well this is when Rick finds out about Carl had gotten bitten…and he’s near death door…so everyone says buy to him including his baby sister….sad episode…..and everyone leaves the city through the  Sewage….Carl stays behind and shoots himself before he let’s himself turn into a walker… a few episodes later Rick finds that carl wrote letters to everyone including negan…to tell him that Rick and him should stop fighting because its leading to nowhere…but death to people around them…so Rick calls negan and informed him and negan is upset because he did care about Carl….Rick still is refusing to step down….so during this negan finds our his right hand man Simon went behind his back and slaughtered a group of people called junkyard people…they leave in a junkyard…Rick did ask for their assistance in season 7…also i forgot to mention…..Dwight is helping our main characters secretly because he wants negan dead…so negan kills Simon because he did something behind his back without his permission….and in the season finale…Rick cuts negan in the throat but gets a doctor to save him because and I quote if we let him die were no better then he is….but Maggie wants negan dead because he killed Glenn….so she isn’t happy at Rick…so overall i give this season a 8/10



Season 9, so in the first 5 episodes…Maggie sentence Gregory to hang to death because he hired 2 people to try to kill her and her baby…also Daryl and Maggie want to sneak into Alexandria to kill negan…negan is locked up in a cell…so Daryl and Maggie plan to go behind Rick’s back…so Daryl rides Rick on his motorcycle away from the town…and gets into a fist fight ….while Maggie goes visiting negan to kill him but she sees he’s pathetic and broken and no longer the negan she knows so she leaves him there to rot….anyway so in episode 5 we see Rick leading zombies to a bridge he built that has explosives and he shoots it and everyone 9f his friends see that and think he died ….and Daryl is upset because we’ll there brothers…turns out Rick’s not dead…..and the person who use to be in charge of the junkyard people is in contact with a group of government people and they come and take Rick away to a place to heal him….well find out who they are in the new spinoff show…so now Rick has departed from the show….now we’re getting introduced into the whisperers…now before I continue let me tell u how different the whisperer arc is in the comics…ok so in the comics…2 random people who are apart of Rick’s group are traveling and they bumped into a horde of walker’s …and the 2 men decided to hid by sliding down a small hill thats all muddy while it raining …and of course the zombies pass by without noticing them and the 2 men here zombies talking…saying…they can’t be for don’t let them get away (in a whispering voice)…so one of them makes it back and is paranoid….Jesus and a group of people go hunt the other person and they bump into walkers and it turns our majority of them are men wearing zombie skin to blend in….and they start attacking our main characters…lets just say it was a bloodbath…the only characters that survived was Jesus and one of his men and a lone whisperer who turns out to be Lydia…the daughter of alpha…anyway they take her back and  Interrogate her….and well carl is in the next cell over from her and they get along and well they become lovers…anyway alpha and her men come to being back Lydia back with them….alpha in the comics is a female and is bald and has black shirt and grey jeans and a belt buckle that has a golden infinite logo on it…and her weapon is a double barrel shotgun and her zombie mask has long blond hair…she barley wears the mask….she is a hypocrite….she says her men can not take off there mask but yet she always takes her mask off….and whisperers can’t use guns because it causes to much noise….but she uses a gun…and now ur wondering why the whisperers….well there a cult of people who believe that the zonbies are the future and they live amongst the dead by wearing zombie faces as masks…oh and the whisperers live in the forests…so anyway alpha does a trade with Maggie…alpha hands over 2 of her men in exchange for Lydia …so that does happen and carl goes and follow…and he gets caught and alpha let’s him live so he can see the way they live…there campsite is awful…they have areas we’re there dead corpses where they skin the faces off to wear as masks….i won’t go into further details….later Rick finds out from Maggie that carl followed them…Rick goes and finds carl and he won’t leave without Lydia because she ain’t safe there…..her mother physically abuses her….they wait for alpha to return …they don’t know it but she snuck into the fair that king Ezekiel set up to bring together rhe community….she sneaks in with a different shirt and pants and thats it….she comes back with a machete that has blood on it…she forces Rick up the side of a building and on the other side of the building is her horde of walkers and there thousands…she  Threatens him that if they cross paths again she will send the her horde of walkers to his city and destroy his city… At this moment Rick wants to leave so he goes and gets  carl  But he won’t leave without Lydia…so Lydia tells her mom she ain’t safe with her and alpha slaps Lydia…and alpha breaks into tears and tells Rick she can go with them…and she grabs Rick and says I created a border between us u will see it…and they do the border is pikes that have decapitated heads of their friend’s…such as king Ezekiel and Rosita…and other random people….so now people want revenge but Rick doesn’t….negan escaped from his cell and joins the whisperers…and he bumps into beta….and beta in the comics…so beta in the comics…is 7 feet tall and his zombie mask only covers the top part of his head to his nose..and his mask has long brown hair….and has a bit of a beard….and wears a black long trench coat….and has a brown shirt….and wears red bandana and wears grey pants and has 2 knives as weapons …like daggers….so he right away doesn’t trust negan…..negan wants to get close to alpha….blah blah…one night negan and alpha talk at a fire place and he slices her throat with his knife and he gets on top of her and sliced her head off…and brings her head back to Rick…the next day beta finds alphas headless body….and yells nooooooooo!….and then the whisperers say ur the new alpha and he doesn’t want to be call that so he kills that whisperer….but yes he is the new alpha … he leads alphas horde of thousands zombies to Alexandria and Alexandria is well somewhat damaged….and the whisperers burn down the hilltop…which is a city made out of wood….and well negan fights against beta…in a awesome duel….negan fighting against beta with his baseball bat Lucille….and yes the baseball bat breaks…because he smashes it against his back multiple times….negan blames beta for it breaking and he starts kicking beta…and beta barley makes it out alive….later so the good guys lead the zombies off the cliff and they fall off the cliff like idiots lemmings….and then later in Jesus and Aaron find beta and fight him and beta gets shot in the back and Jesus takes off his mask and its revealed that beta use to be a famous basketball player…and beta wakes up yells NOOOO I have no face…then he gets stabbed and died ..…now here’s how this all happened in the show….well carl is dead…and Rick left the show and Maggie left the show…and instead of 2 random people hearing whisperers…its now Rosita and Eugene who hears them….and Eugene gets left behind….oh and Daryl and Aaron and Jesus go find Eugene and they do and take him through a grave yard at night while its foggy out because the zombies kinda send them towards the graveyard….and well the whisperers kill off Jesus….and well Michonne comes to help with the new characters…..Connie and Kelly and Magna and Luke….and well now they know there humans dressed as zombies….on the way home they walk over a bridge and and encounter some zombies and whisperers…they kill the whisperers but bring back one whisperer who is Lydia…Lydia in the comics has blonde the show she has brown hair, they bring her to hilltop to Interrogate her…and instead of carl in next cell its now Henry….Henry is replacement carl do he has his arc….instead of Maggie handing Lydia to alpha…its now Daryl…….and Henry follows Lydia back home and now were introduced to beta this time earlier…and he looks different….before I get to that and I forget some side things…1. Enid is now dating one of negan’s men…named Alden….2. also Judith is now like 10 to 11 years old and she is wearing Carl’s hat and has Rick’s gun and has a Katana….ok back to describing beta….beta in the show has same mask but this time has long puffy brown grey beard and has a grey shirt with a smiley face on it and has a dark blue vest over his grey shirt and wears grey pants and has 2 buckles and oh yeah has thicker brown boots with rope tied around each ankle and he has a red scarf instead of red bandana…and alpha and beta in the show have  dirt around there eyes and mouth…they didn’t in the comics…it’s a minor detail….anyways this time around alpha almost has Lydia kill Henry well she was about to make her but Daryl and Connie came in disguise and brought zombies with them to start eating whisperers…so that they can escape with Lydia and Henry……and they find an abandoned building and set up to go to battle because beta is coming towards them to bring back Lydia….anyway beta fights against Daryl and it ends with beta being tossed down an elevator shaft…and yes he survives… the fair is soon to happen….and Daryl and the group and Michonne go back to hunt down the whisperers…they leave Lydia and Henry at the fair with king Ezekiel, our main group bump in the whisperers and beta…and they get surrounded…beta says…no one else had to die…now that deal …is done…if ur wondering where alpha is she killed a woman and  scalped her and snuck into the fair wearing the woman’s dress and her hair she cut off….oh and she does bump into Lydia and let’s her stay …..she returns and does threaten Daryl like she did to Rick

…this time the horde of walkers are  over a cliff… the characters leave and find Sadiq tied up and they walk over a hill and find the pikes and this time the decapitated heads are….Enid and Tara and Henry and 7 other random people….instead of Rosita and king Ezekiel …now carol is upset with alpha and wants her dead because she thought of Henry as a son…ok so now the season ends with our main characters walking to Alexandria in the snow storm….so overall i think this season was ok not great or anything….because I’ve read the comics…the whisperers are done better in the comics…i however prefer beta and alpha and Lydia in the show….so I’ll give it a 7.6/10….



Season 10, ok so the first few episodes are a blur to me but um let’s see alpha sends in a whisperer in disguise to cause problems amongst the group….people don’t like Lydia because she’s the  spawn of alpha, king Ezekiel and carol are no longer dating….Sadiq is having PTSD….and negan is still in his cells….so Sadiq has a new friend who is a doctor…spoiler alert that doctor is a whisperer….and later on he kills Sadiq…also Lydia gets attacked by towns folk and negan saves her but he accidentally kills one of the towns folk that tried to attack Lydia….negan doesn’t even get a thank u especially from Daryl….also negan and Lydia become friend’s in a way because they understand each other because of them are outsider….who people hate….also in this season we get introduced to a new whisperer named gamma and let’s just say she ends up helping our main characters because she starts questioning her morals and beliefs…..also Lydia decides to go live on her own in the forest because she doesn’t feel safe around the people of Alexandria…also around this time negan has left his cell, we don’t know how yet….and this time he has a new Lucille bat…so basically Lucille 2.0….so he bumps into beta…and he brings negan to alpha…and well beta tried to leave negan to die in a horde of zombies but negan returns alive…so alpha gives him his own mask…which never happened in the comics….so Carol sees alpha and of course leads carol and Daryl Connie and Kelly and Magna into a cave filled with zombies… Kelly gets stuck behind in the cave and so does Magna… Daryl’s upset so he tries to go kill alpha….and that was an intense scene let’s just say both of them almost died….Lydia comes and saves Daryl….while this is happening beta sneaks into Alexandria through a graveyard at nighttime during foggy was like a classic zombie coming out of grave..also beta does pick up a guard and slams her against the cell and it instantly killed her..also we get a Michel Myers type scene where he is looking in a house for gamma and u can only hear his breathing…of course he gets shot by Judith…and he survives because he has a bullet proof vest on….and yes Rosita goes up against beta and she almost dies…so negan helps the whisperers and alpha burn down the hilltop…which Again doesn’t happen till after alphas death in the comics….so then after this happen negan finds Lydia and kidnap her and puts her into a shed in the middle of the forest…and while this happen beta hunts down gamma, and he kills her …and she tears half his mask off and a whisperer comes up and recognize who he is…..he is like I know who u r I recognize your voice….and then beta kills the whisperer….so then negan kills alpha by leading her to a empty shed…and he cuts her throat and decapitated her and brings her head to Carol….Carol let negan out of his cell….she wanted negan to kill her….and Carol puts alphas head on pike…and this time beta finds alphas head instead of her body…and he takes her head to a bar..and we find out beta use to be a country singer….in the comics he use to be a basketball player but now show changed his origin to a country singer……so beta is now wearing half of alphas face….and he is heading to Alexandria with alphas horde of thousands of zombies and the rest of the whisperers….also Eugene ans king Ezekiel and Yumiko are heading to a location to meet up with a woman that Eugene been taking to over radio….on the way they bump into a character named princess…..she been alone so he is a bit loony…and she has puffy purple hair and light brown skin and a pink furry jacket and dark green pants and has a spear and a machin gun and also wear a plaid shirt and wears a dark blue our main characters left Alexandria to hide ….they went to an abandoned hospital to hide…and well beta and his horde of zombies find them…and well surrounds the hospital with thousands of zombies….also Aaron and Alden get surrounded by whisperers…while trying to radio call back to father Gabriel warning them that beta is heading towards the hospital…..also Lydia gets mad at negan for killing alpha…i think in a way she misses her mother because she was her only mother but also her mother is not a good mother…so Lydia was in this beginning of this episode shows everyone in the hospital preparing, then it shows Aaron and Alden killing a handful of whisperers…and then they run into a masked man..then we see Maggie retrieving a letter telling her to return because friends been killed off by the whisperers..and then of course we get a scene of beta walking amongst the horde and he stops and we see him think he can hear zombies talking to him….he heard them say…”we are the end of the world…this is the end of the world”….so our main group idea is to put zombie guts on them to blend in and go outside amongst the dead to get to a carriage that has equipment…like a boom box….so they do that but the people who decide to stay behind is Lydia and negan and Judith and Gabriel…and others… um 2 side person dies amongst the zombies….and they do get the the carriage and Lydia decides to join them and negan hand her …her mother’s mask and she goes outside wearing it…and negan goes out side as well…so they start lurring zombies with well noise..also Gabriel is about to get killed off but then Maggie and the masked person..and then there carriage gets destroyed by the whisperers….and well now its night time and our characters are sneaking around killing some whisperers off…then beta notice someone wearing alphas mask and it starts kinds messing messing him up a bit in my mind I meant….and then we hear negan getting betas attention and beta turns around and dashes towards negan and pushes negan to the floor and is about to kill him and says….FOR ALPHA!…then Daryl comes up and sliced beta in the arm and beta turns around and then Daryl stabs beta in both eyeballs with both his knives…then we see beta imagine he takes the knives out of his head…then his interactions with alpha and we see him imagine that the zombies are his fans and are surrounding him and well praising him…but nope in reality Daryl pulls the knives out of his eyes then horde of zombies come and surround him and start devouring him….and the zombies pull off his mask and we see what beta look like…in the comic without his mask on…he has not alot of hair and is losing hair…but in the show he has long brown hair…now this is the end of the whisperer arc…negan said…holy crap did u recognize that a-hole?…and Daryl said yeah nobody……so now Lydia is leading the zombies to the cliff and its now its day time and carol comes up and takes over for Lydia and she is about to let the zombies push her of the cliff…but then Lydia pulls carol away from the cliff….and carol and Lydia have a nice heart to heart moment ….while the zombies are falling off the cliff like idiot lemmings…and Lydia tosses over her mothers mask off the cliff…which now marks the end of the whisperer arc and war……so now its all over ….and the episode  ends with Eugene group getting surrounded by the commonwealth (the commonwealth i know nothing about,  all I know is they look like knockoff stormtroopers). Also this show is ending is 2022 with season 11….season 11 airs in October of 2021….but the show is far from over ….there a new spinoff called beyond our world and its gonna last 2 seasons and go till 2022 and set up the 3 part Rick Grimes movies that will head to theaters then there still fear the walking dead and then after season 11 were getting another spinoff revolving around Daryl and carol

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