Video Game Review – Destroy All Humans

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I’m gonna start off with a warning ⚠️, this game series has crude humor….some people might find the communism propaganda in this game to be to much….u have been warned…..welcome to my destroy all humans review…..🛸👽💥🏃‍♂️
Destroy all humans 2005: ok let’s start off with a bit of trivia, this game was made by a company named Pandemic and they also made another one of my favorite games that I grew up playing…star wars battlefront 2 2005….and both star wars battlefront 2 2005 and destroy all humans came out in the same year, star wars battlefront 2 2005 came our in October 31st 2005 while destroy all humans came out in June 21st 2005…..there u go just a small bit of trivia…ok so onto the game….destroy all humans is about this alien named Cryptosporidium and he is part of this alien species called the Furon empire…and he is sent down to earth because his clone got captured by the government (yes so the Furon empire is basically extinct….the only ones left is Cryptosporidium and his boss….because humans have raged war onto their planet….and now to keep the Furon empire alive…the boss clones Cryptosporidium to restart their population), and this game takes place during 1959…so he comes down to earth to gather information…..and to destroy buildings and humans….this game is fun except for the story mode…if u want to play to destroy stuff …story mode ain’t it ….u mainly have to dawn a disguise in all ur missions ….u have to get past like 22 or so missions…and if u want all 6 maps unlocked u have to play through story…but trust me the game is fun when you gets to destroy buildings and fly in ur flying saucer…I really like the way the aline looks like because we’ll he looks something like this 👽….he looks like the way many people including i imagine aliens to look like..also the game is well rated T for teen…it has some cartoony blood (like green blood) and some toilet humor and well the jokes can be offensive to some people…majority of the jokes is blaming communism…but that type of humor works for this game because it takes place in 1959. Also u got ur different guns in this game…the default gun witch is a zapping gun and then there’s  Disintegrator gun and then grenade launcher gun…and (im not gonna even mention the last gun)…overall I think this game is a good game…I give it a solid  7/10
Destroy all humans 2020 remake: well I want to start off with the trailers….
• Oh here’s a video of comparing the 2005 version graphics and gameplay to the 2020 version graphics and gameplay…..
• some side stuff I want to get into… this game there’s side objectives to do in this game…although there not necessary to do….unlike in the 2005 version,  which makes u do a certain amount of side quests to get DNA points to access next level to go to….I hated that….so im glad they got rid of that in this remake…..also this game added controls from destroy all humans 2…..I do like that as well….it was useful controls…like in this remake u can have ur ufo go up and down…..unlike in the original….where u could only fly straight….which got kinda hard to aim……also now in the remake u can shoot a lazer straight from underneath ur ufo….unlike in the original where u can only shoot straight…..again this game was really polished 
• Also this game is exactly the same as the original…but this time with updated graphics and some updated game play, they added some stuff in this game hover skates….if u upgrade that ability fully u can hover skate for as long as u want…also there alot more stuff to upgrade in this game, if u upgrade  Telekinesis ability all the way u can lift up bigger objects like cars and tanks or robots…also if u upgrade all ur UFO weapons…its more helpful when u destroy buildings,  for the guns u have to get ammo….in ur ufo 🛸  the way u do that is aim down at a truck and or car or tank and press the Y button and it will convert that vehicle into ammo…same thing for when ur on the ground as Cryptosporidium..also a side note before I continue, in both the remake and original ur alien character has a jetpack but for somereasonin the old game if u high in the air from using jetpack and u fall u deal damage…but in the remake they fixed that…u don’t take fall damage anymore in the remake…. anyways u aim at a vehicle or item and press Y and it concerts items into ammo…in the original game ammo was scattered around the map…but not in this game…also if you pre-ordered this game u would have gotten several appearances for Cryptosporidium…..also in both game in ur ufo u can pick up vehicles and toss them…also here a new function in this game, u can shoot ur laser from the ufo from underneath the ufo as also straight forward…in the original one u could only shoot forward also u can have the ufo go up and down a bit …u can’t do that in the original……..overall this game is a step up from the original fact it’s better…I give this game a solid 10/10….I just have so much fun with this game 🎮…it hasn’t bored me yet….
• update………they released a recent update in December that added 2 new appearances…..the krampus skin and a frosty version of Cryptosporidium….
I actually liked this update….because I’m a stickler for extra appearances for a character in a game…..and I think these appearances look great…..

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