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SpongeBob SquarePants battle for bikini bottom  Rehydrated: ok this game is hard to explain well so basically u fight robots that plankton made but the robots got out of hands and turned on him….also throughout the game u have to collect a certain amount of golden spatulas to progress to next level…heck u need 75 golden spatulas to do the last boss fight, also in this game u get to play as Patrick and SpongeBob and Sandy…..u switch characters at bus stops… can get  Tedious…especially in a round where u need to both play as SpongeBob and Patrick….Patrick is used to pick up objects to toss at stuff…some obstacles require him so there a lot of goin back and forth to a bus stop to change characters…overall I couldn’t even get far into the game and I given up so I give it a 6.9/10
Marvel avengers: ok this is my least favorite game of this year, where to start the character models look like a cheap knockoff version of there movie counterparts. And the game play can get tedious where u go around and fight only robots.. yeah just robots nothing else also the main villians name is MODOK..if u don’t know who MODOK is…well neither do I so can’t explain who he is…also the game play functions can get frustrating if u don’t know how to use them properly…oh and I Don’t know how but this game makes iron mans abilities feel the weakest….so the plot is iron man makes a reactor….and he presents it at this avengers day where its like a comic con for the avengers…and they had it rake place on a Quinn jet…don’t ask why…and this scientists dude Dr Carlton was Making sure it was stable..turns our nope it imploded and destroyed a city and killed cap America because he was near the reactor  (spoiler alert he ain’t dead he is still alive and iron man saves him near the end of the game), and the whole city become infected with power’s to the avengers become banned and get taken to court and Bruce banner says the avengers are a threat which makes Tony mad at him, anyway Tony is now living in the middle of nowhere in a trailer and thor is working a job and black widow is well doing whatever she does and Bruce banner is training a student…who becomes ms marvel…if u don’t know who ms marvel is she is basically a female version of mr fantastic…and if u don’t know who mr fantastic is…he is basically a male version of elastic girl from the incredibles…oh yeah and Carlton is still alive and wants to make a cure and he ends up becoming MODOK…throughout the game his head keeps swelling up and he ends up in a floating flying chair that has claws also he van shoot a laser from his forehead…..overall I think this game is very Mediocre….5/10 in my opinion without a doubt
Star wars Squadrons: so this game is just a space level game where you fight in space either as the empire or rebellion….and u can customize ur inside of ur vehicle and outside and ur character…and to do that i haven’t figured out how but I believe u have to play hours of online to get points to purchase cosmetics to edit ur vehicles…..this game can get boring because its just a space game but it has really good graphics and good game play but its hard to kill other ships in this game for some reason I have trouble aiming in this game….overall I give this game a solid 7.8/10
WWE 2K battlegrounds: ok now this game is down right fun….if u guys plays WWE 2k 17 or 19 or 20…this new one is nothing like those…the game play is button smashing until u can beat ur opponent …and this game is cartoony and is more of an arcade type game…also there customization to characters u create and to the rings u fight in…oh and this game has no limits u can toss exploding barrels into a ring to explode the ring..or u can toss a player into a alligator mouth…it depends on which ring u play on…and the way u unlock rings is by playing the campaign mode…overall this game is such fun…..10/10 without a doubt

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