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This week’s Parsha, Beshalach, tells of the Jewish people leaving Egypt and crossing the Sea. It also begins to tell us of their journey in the desert. Obviously, their time in the desert was a special one; most of the Torah revolves around it. The Jewish people were sustained throughout their travels by Manna from heaven. Manna fell every day with the exception of Shabbat. On Friday, a double portion of manna would fall and be collected to be eaten on Shabbat. This occurrence is so significant that we commemorate it weekly with two loaves of Challah on the Shabbat table. What is the lesson of the Manna? Manna fell fresh daily – the same for each person no matter how busy they were in collecting – and spoiled after nightfall. No one was able to hold on to his for future consumption, with the exception of Shabbat. This teaches us something important for life: We each get our portion. No matter how hard we work, or how much time we spend, we get that which is meant for us. Sure, work helps, prayer helps, and there needs to be a vessel, but we are destined for the amount we receive. Also, nothing is held over. When it’s over, it’s over and you can’t take anything with you when it is. Lastly, there is an exception to this rule. Yes, generally it does spoil and once the “sun sets,” it is over, but Shabbat is the exception. There are good deeds and matters of goodness and holiness that have the ability to “come with.” As Jews, we benefit even from miracles within miracles. So let us recognize that and stay focused on the holy and good, and may soon see the everlasting impacts they have! Good Shabbos!

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