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Lego star wars 3 the clone wars: so this game is a lego game that takes place during the first 2 seasons of clone wars…and it is a fun game…granted I wish it went through a bit more seasons…..also yes u can play as vader..because at this point every lego star wars game has vader…the way u earn him is by collecting all 10 minikits in a certain level…I forget which one…in fact if u get all 10 minikits in each level it will give u classic characters to unlock….and play as…also there is a cool red brick that gives u the ability to use duel wielding lightsabers…..its cool….so the way ur able to play as villains in free roam is …on the good guys ship u can only play as good guys then u get into a ship and fly over to bad guys ship and then ur only able to play as bad guys… yeah…im gonna give this game a solid 7.4/10


Lego star wars the force awakens: ok this game is just dumb…it only takes through the force awakens…so part of the stupid sequel trilogy…and guess what? This is the first lego star wars game to have voice talking…..and also u can unlock 280 characters…thats including dlc characters…..but I don’t like this game….the vehicles u get are small…..vaders helmet looks bulky….and well its the freaking force awakens…I don’t even like that film….oh and the beginning has u go through the events of battle on endor…for some reason…and only that part of the film for some reason…so yeah….4.9/10…..sorry that’s my opinion…some people might disagree but I say….fail…fail

Friendship Circle Tribute Book

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Friendship Circle Tribute Book 2023

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