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A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY This week’s Parsha gives us a host of ethical and practical laws. It tells of laws relating to Shabbat, to acting in fairness in business, to honoring one’s parents, to, famously, the cardinal law to “love one’s fellow as oneself,” which is referred to by our sages as the great principle of the… Read More

Weekly Roundup: May 10, 2024

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Friendship Awards This past weekend, Friendship Circle families gathered at Schenley Park to enjoy outside time together celebrating everyone’s contributions to FC throughout the year. We really enjoyed tasty treats like popcorn, cupcakes, and candy. Members lined up to get Kona Ice and we also got some of the coolest balloon designs including fishing poles, swords, and butterfly wings that… Read More

Out of This World

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A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY In addition to giving us a series of laws, this week’s Parsha (Acharei Mot) opens with its title. These words, literally, “After the death…” refer to the laws being taught after the deaths of the sons of Aaron the High Priest. They passed away prematurely because they entered the Holy of Holies (in… Read More

Commemorate the Future?!

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A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY Tonight begins the Shabbat of Passover. These are days which commemorate the splitting of the Sea of Reeds (being approximately a week after the Jewish people were freed) as well as celebrate – strangely, in anticipation of- the future Redemption. Much is discussed about what “the Redemption” means and people tend to have… Read More

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Friendship Circle Tribute Book 2023

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Not for Prophet

A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY We read a very interesting episode in this week’s Torah portion (Parshat Balak) regarding Balak, a king who feared the Jewish people and therefore hired Bala’am, a prophet, to curse them. Bala’am was unable to do so because, in keeping with the rules of prophecy, he opened his mouth and was only able… Read More

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Weekly Roundup: July 19, 2024

Summer Meet & Greet Members got together for cozy crafts and a fabulous candy bar to enjoy a hot summer day this week on Monday afternoon. Alia really enjoyed playing Headbandz with Reese and getting some cotton candy. Toby loved trying the different flavors of lollipops. Micah and Pearl made some magazine collages and vision boards with interesting artwork and cool… Read More

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Have a Cow

A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY In this week’s Torah portion, Parshas Chukas, we learn about the Red Heifer, the elusive “Red Cow,” which, without getting into too many details, has the ability through its slaughter to purify the otherwise ritually impure. It is fitting that this law take place in this Parsha; the name “Chukas” refers to the… Read More

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