Weekly Roundup: March 29, 2024

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Purim Party

On Sunday, we enjoyed some fantastic talent show performances by Arielle J., Brandon C., Marissa T., Alia N., Reid R., Kai A., Brendan C., Mendy R., Etti R., Chaya R., Menachem T., Aviva F., Baila C., Grunnah B., and Evan A.! Then, our costume showcase featured adaptive costumes made together with 412 Ability Tech and students from Community Day School. Party-goers spent the rest of the time decorating crowns and masks, making groggers, and enjoying a magic trick station by Seth Ringold. We didn’t forget to celebrate the birthdays of Arielle J., Michael F., Refoel C., and Lieba B.! Happy Purim, everyone!

Purim Party 2024

Training Tracks

On Monday, we heard from athletes Emily Ford, Sarah Berlin, and Shay Moffatt and coaches Jessie Merckle and Stephanie Taylor of Special Olympics Three Rivers Region and Lisa Carlisle of Miracle League. Twenty-two teens attended and learned more about Miracle League and Special Olympics. The group then took the lessons about leadership and teamwork and discussed how these can be applied to The Friendship Circle. Thanks to everyone for making it such an engaged conversation!

Training Tracks March 2024


Friends on the Town had so much fun at Cafe this week. Our host committee chose a “Chipotle Mexican Food” theme for this month’s cafe. Together, friends made all of the ingredients for burrito bowls, pico de gallo, guacamole, and even vegan queso made out of potatoes! We were all so surprised that we could make queso out of potatoes. Friends also shared their Mexican food preferences and we found out that Andy prefers burritos over tacos, Kieran loves fruit, the whole group liked hot chocolate over iced chocolate, and James likes crunchy tacos over soft shell tacos. Overall we agreed that our food was even better than the real Chipotle!
FOTT Cafe March 2024

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