Sharkboy and Lavagirl Movie Review

Categories: Hellos With Fellows, Jarrod Edson

Sharkboy and Lavagirl: so um this review is of a old movie that is definitely made for kids….so im aiming these 2 reviews to kids and people who like kid films that have stupid stuff in them….trust me both these films have stupid stuff in them….there basically kid superhero movies with bad CGI….especially this film….has the worst CGI…..but thats what… Read More

Cyberpunk 2077 Game Review

Categories: Hellos With Fellows, Jarrod Edson

Cyberpunk 2077: so I know I had no plans to review this game on my review planed list…..reason I’m reviewing this is that people who are considering buying this game need to know what there getting themselves into if they purchase this $60 game. I’d like to start off with a warning ⚠️, and a link… warning …this game is… Read More

Captain Marvel and Captain America First Avengers Movie Reviews

Categories: Hellos With Fellows, Jarrod Edson

Captain America First Avenger: so the plot of this movie is well this film takes place like I think around near world war II… also the villains in this film are like the marvel version if Nazis…..there called Hydra……and the guy in charge is named Red Skull…..because his face is a skull that’s crimson red…..and he’s played by Hugo Weaving……u may… Read More

A Christmas Carol – Movie Review

Categories: Hellos With Fellows, Jarrod Edson

A Christmas Carol: ok I don’t know where to start…except with the words Jesus christ!…this is a kid’s film….seriously Disney…..u consider this a kids film…what is this film even rated…PG?…yeah sure whatever u say movie…I mean this films dark… sorts….so if u don’t know the story….this is about a guy named  Ebeneezer scrooge…and he hates Christmas….so on Christmas eve he… Read More

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Weekly Roundup: April 12, 2024

Sunday Funday Last Sunday, we had a matzah bake where Tali and Pearl helped with the presentation from Rabbi Eli. Everyone went home with matzah and their favorite toppings. Members enjoyed the rooftop for nice spring weather where we played Passover games, crafted photo banners, blew bubbles and more. Shalom went home with a plague-themed puppet and Ava and Morgan… Read More

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What’s the Good Word?

A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY This week’s Parsha (Tazria) tells us about various pure and impure situations, most notably, “tzaraat,” a biblical era malady that we typically liken to leprosy. But one things stands out as a theme in the portion overall—the impact our words can have on reality. We sometimes think of words as here today, gone… Read More

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To the Eighth Degree

A WEEKLY TORAH THOUGHT FROM RABBI MORDY This week we read the Parsha, Shemini, which literally means “Eighth.” There are some laws of kosher animals and various laws surrounding purity, but I’m going to focus on the name of the Parsha. The Eighth refers to the day on which, after the seven days of inauguration, Aaron, the high priest of… Read More

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